Living Your Life Plan


My two favorite quotes that I live by…..

 “It’s not about the goal. It’s about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal.” Anthony Robbins

“ Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, certified mediator                                                             Marriage officiate, couple and family specialist, artist.

My Life Plan in all its Glory–   

Dedicated Therapist;
*Interactive listener and coach, empathetic and honest.
Ultimate Vision: To serve those who look for guidance and support and call on me to be their light until they find their own light.
Ultimate Purpose: To be respected for my dedication to this work and to continue to put families, couples and individuals on the path to peace and truth within themselves. To serve others in their search for authenticity.
To Thrive: Connect to Source, Tell the Truth, Empowerment always, Be Resourceful. Seek information I will use.
Resources: Don Desroches, my mentors, fellow therapists, referrals, client feedback, networking, my daughters.


Destiny toward my Life’s purpose;
Goddess of my own religion
 Ultimate Vision:  Be known as “The Source for Support”; to assist those in making transitions in their lives.
 Ultimate Purpose:  To serve individuals, couples and families in finding the best solution to be mentally healthy and be committed to the Greater Good to attain their spiritual and life needs
 To Thrive:  We are all One, Outrageous, yet responsible, Always giving it away, Believe in abundance, not deficit
 Resources:  Years of introspective work,  reading, observing, clinical knowledge, life experience, identify genius and learn from them.



Award winning Author & Speaker;                                                                                  

Platform   *Best-selling Dynamic duo”  *Spiritual Energizer
Ultimate Vision: promote our book “Conscious Coupling: Positive Insights for Long Lasting Relationships shared by Two Divorce Mediators, present these concepts to young and not so young couples,
To  Thrive: Live the book’s truth, share wisdom with couples, mediate with honor and integrity, assess with love and understanding, accept and be where the client is.
Resources: workshops, lectures, hosting events, networking, chair person to committee wit NYSSCW

Financial FREEDOM
Double and triple and quadruple that busts out of my money vault.
 Ultimate Vision:  Income increases, no need to count the change, have savings accounts for my girls they don’t know about.
 Ultimate Purpose: To provide for myself and loved ones, schedule my appointments for when I am at my peak state everyday
 To Thrive:  Network with like minded and financial free geniuses so we can all grow together, power lunches boost ideas.
 Resources: Coaching, Workshops, webinars, investments, coaching partners/consultants, presentations.

Romantic Mate and Business partner;
*We rock better together than apart, babe we did it!”
 Ultimate Vision:  Live with passion every day, allow for space to grow, and share ideas that are breakthroughs in our business, be unique no worries about competition.
 Ultimate Purpose:  To share in life and alone and maintain security in love and trust.
 To Thrive: continual respect and in awe of each other’s great gifts, lot’s of laughter, silliness, and professionalism to our great goals, know our significance and work together as a team.
 Resources:  Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Sue Johnson, The Ackerman Institute, NYSSCSW

Feeling great lookin’ good;
“She never ages?!”
 Ultimate Vision:  maintain youthful glow and energy everyday
 Ultimate Purpose:  Walk into any situation and not question my impression on anyone, keep shocking people on how old I really am but do not look it. Peak state!
 To Thrive:  stay on organic diet, moderation on the junk stuff
 Resources:  gym, pool, tennis, creative outlet, juicer, motivation

Love and Connection is a basic human need
Family, daughters, mom and wonderful friends and colleagues, clients
 Ultimate Vision:  no bad blood, only love and acceptance, conflict brings deeper awareness.
 Ultimate Purpose:  To be a role model with good intentions to inspire all
 To Thrive:  Terrace parties at my 17th floor apartment, book club, committees, party in New York City!
weekly Italiano lingua maestro
 Resources:  smartphone, email, skype, face to face, hugging everyone.

New York City apartment
*The bird’s eye view never gets old”
 Ultimate Vision:  Enjoying my home with Patz the cat and my family and friends
 Ultimate Purpose:  Keep my “fun room” as an expression of who I am, paintings, decorations that are me
 To Thrive:  Keep driving my convertible and digging my pad, enjoying the pool.
 Resources: NYC performances, lively restaurants, dinner parties, gatherings with wonderful friends, lots of laughter, book club for stimulating conversation, apartment building, neighbors and doorman.

                                                My Driving Force

Ultimate Vision
To continue to use the gifts that God gave me to fulfill my life’s destiny. While serving my destiny along this path I am touching people’s lives and serving them in a way they too find fulfillment. When I teach and treat my clients their lives transform. When my friends and family ask me for support and advice I am full of resources and compassion. My life’s purpose is to serve those and listen and grow continuously because life is so much more exciting that way. Ultimately I want to always feel the joy and hope in life, to live with authenticity and “euphoria”,(my nickname)..    

Ultimate Purpose
To be a role model, a motivator, a friend, a loving daughter, a loving sibling, a loving partner. To be the best person I can be and to always strive for better without making myself crazy or pressured. Just to know that it happens organically as I keep myself in the company of other emotionally intelligent and purposeful people who believe in the goodness that life offers. To remain energetic, alert, creative, and joyful so that my energy is always available to be a participant in life and not just a spectator. The only time I am a spectator is when I am learning from others. Then back on the road of creative ideas, living with passion

 Loving, compassionate, knowledgeable, interesting, insightful, youthful, open, funny, witty, attractive

Code of Conduct
Am I authentic, am I listening with an open heart, am I flexible with the lens I am seeing through, am I changing the perspective that takes me away from old habits?

Values & Rules
 Fearless, honest, professional, keep learning, perfect my Italian, grateful, forgiving, accepting of all because I don’t walk in their shoes I shall not judge.

   Coaching clients, treating patients, growing my practice with my partner, marketing, enjoying free time to paint, and work out, be with loved ones, perfecting my Italian with my teacher. Building wealth and fortune, travel to visit my loved ones, raising and guiding my daughters, loving and caring for my pets.
Primary Question:
 How can I reach out to all those people who are searching for peace and wisdom, and teach them how to find it?

Power Virtues:
 Urgency, passion, creativity, clear mind, self awareness, authenticity, courageous, resources.

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 Be an Original; Carve a path toward Greatness and Gratitude.