Conscious Coupling Book

After years of mediated divorces and couples counseling sessions, Dana and her partner Don Desroches have decided to use their knowledge and expertise to save families and couples.  Dana and Don are both certified divorce mediators.   Both author writes separately his and her personal and professional experiences on each chapter.  For example, some of the topics include money values, sex and intimacy, infidelity, family of origin, extended family, social influences, modern marriage, parenting, and the most common relational traits as compatibility, co-habitation and communication.

CC-coverConscious Coupling is about helping people become aware of their differences by using “Root Cause Analysis”.  Dana and Don have seen many cases and have determined and proved why people fall and slip onto the path of divorce.  Conscious Coupling averts the disaster before it’s too late.

The insight gained from the mediator’s /counselor’s perspective directly from real mediation and counseling cases is passed along in the book.  Dana and Don do an excellent job of giving couples the tools to stay on the path of  “Happily Ever After”, long before the change of heart begins to deteriorate the relationship.

Conscious Coupling honestly addresses the true bases of relationship fulfillment as well as its ultimate demise.  This is not a clinical or legal text book, this is true to life information in layman’s terms, extracted from real couples.  Recommended for those  interested in marrying, those already married or those that wish to stay with one long term partner and ultimately become THE conscious couple.


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