Award winning Couple’s and Family Specialist

Dana M. Greco LCSW-R
Couple’s and Family Therapist/ Coach/Mediator


DARE to DREAM of what your Relationships can Truly Be, what YOUR LIFE can truly look like.

Need to make a decision, need to make a new start?
Getting your life in the direction of which you envisioned it, takes belief in yourself.
When you believe that you are “worth it”, providence begins.
As a licensed and trained psychotherapist with my own life experiences I want to help you get what you deserve.
One of our basic human needs is love and connection, another is personal growth. If you want to achieve all that you envision then start with meeting these two needs


If you had three wishes as to how you desire your Relationships to be, with others and your self, what would they be?
I care about your dreams and believe that with the commitment and the passion to have these dreams come true for you is not so far fetched.
Because we all deserve to have the most joyful and satisfying lives possible.
It’s up to YOU.

If you are READY about making POSITIVE changes in your life, then you have come to the right site.

My passion is to help you believe how valuable you truly are. We are all destined to meet our purpose.
I have found mine, now let me help you find yours.

“Inner peace comes from living your truth”

It’s you finding out about you.

Ask yourself these questions:
It may be about your relationship or personal insight.
Either way it’s important to have peace of mind in order to live a healthy life.

• I want to be free of old habits that make me unhappy!
• I want to create new  beliefs with the goals I can accomplish!
• I want to feel more secure about my ability to conduct my own life!
• It would be wonderful  to experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of me!
• I want to be able to rise above the pain and suffering in the world
and see those for what they really are! I no longer want to see the pain in my loved ones!
• I believe I can experience the state of consciousness traditionally described as enlightenment!

As you affirm for yourself these simple but powerful statements you are on the road to a place you have always deserved to be.

                                              I’m so excited for you!

My psychotherapy career started when I filmed a documentary on new mothers. “MOTHERHOOD-The First Five Years.” this experience of meeting and interviewing mothers and fathers,  opened my eyes to women’s issues, family issues and the overall dynamic among relationships. It became my mission to serve families, women, men and couples with the compassion and understanding.  Together we reach for that inner core and spirit we all have, and get you to where you need to be in order for you to live fully and alive. This is our birth right. Prior to attaining my Master’s Degree at Fordham University and completing post graduate training at The Ackerman Institute for Family and Couples, I spent many years as a artist and performer which led  me to film-making, the last film was “MOTHERHOOD”. Life takes us on a journey, with new adventures around every bend.

As a Family and Couple’s Trained Psychotherapist I approach our work together, I am interactive, caring, and want you to have the peace of mind you deserve. The framework in which I have found to be most productive and helpful is by identifying family of origin patterns and relational themes. These themes and stories are relative to the present as you begin to make connections and recognizing that much of how we relate to others is how we were taught in our past. Making these identifications create new opportunities to decide how to move forward and make necessary choices about the relationships you are in now.

“We live by how we experience ourselves in the world, and how we respond to others . Everyone is entitled to finding happiness and peace in their lives and it is my commitment to help you get there”- Dana’s oath

As a Life Coach, we approach the work together differently than therapy.
As a coach I will get you to the place where you are free to live your own truth. When we live by our truths there is nothing that stops us from reaching our personal and professional goals.  You can and will create your own destiny.
Coaching includes homework such as creating a master Life Plan  and setting specific goals and objectives. As your coach it is my promise and commitment to you and the work, that makes certain that you never slack or second guess yourself in your pursuit of ultimate joy.


As an award winning author I am proud of the book I wrote with my co-author
Don Desroches. Conscious Coupling: Positive Insights for Long Lasting Relationships Shared by Two Divorce Mediator
For more information about our book and theory go

As a Divorce Mediator.
Having worked with couples who have decided for a variety of reasons to end their marriage, it has become another passion of mine to serve these couples and families
as a divorce coach, mediator and also collaborator by keeping families out of court or bitter battles. Divorces are civil when handled by the right professional. I am certified in this area and have saved many families from the destruction of a litigious divorce and therefore I have been able to restructure the family and maintain the integrity of the family and preserve the children and their parents relationship to them.
Please go to our website:

Often times couples are in need of conflict resolution, this is different from counseling.
Conflict resolution sessions will offer problem-solving, negotiations, very separate from therapeutic process.

Maybe it’s not therapy you need but….
FEELING FRUSTRATED?  One of you needs more sex than the other partner, or one partner may want to relocate, they hate New York!  One partner may desire more children, while the other is happy raising just the one,  OR one partner overspends, fearless around money while their partner is having an panic attack.  Can these values between two people who love each other find a middle-ground, absolutely!

Please contact me should these and other issues becomes barriers to your personal or relational happiness.
or call: 917-662-7913
 video session available
offices in manhattan, Bronx and Long Island