Award winning Couple’s and Family Specialist

Dana M. Greco LCSW-R

My career started when I filmed a documentary on new mothers. “MOTHERHOOD-The First Five Years.” this experience of meeting and interviewing mothers and fathers,  opened my eyes to women’s issues, family issues and the overall dynamic among family all together. It became my mission to serve families, women, men and couples with the compassion and understanding that is the core to getting you to where you need to be and live fully and alive.

As a family and couple’s trained psychotherapist I approach our work together, I am interactive, caring and want you to have the peace of mind you deserve. The framework in which I have found to be most productive and helpful is by identifying family of origin patterns and relational themes. These themes and stories are relative to the present as you begin to make connections and recognizing that much of how we relate to others is how we were taught in our past. Making these identifications create new opportunities to decide how to move forward and make necessary choices about the relationships you are in now.

We live by how we experience ourselves in the world, and how we respond to others . Everyone is entitled to finding happiness and peace in their lives and it is my commitment to help you get there.


As an award winning author I am proud of the book I wrote with my co-author
Don Desroches.
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In addition to my counseling.
Having worked with couples who have decided for a variety of reasons to end their marriage, it has become another passion of mine to serve these couples and families
as a divorce coach, mediator and also collaborator by keeping families out of court or bitter battles. Divorces are civil when handled by the right professional. I am certified in this area and have saved many families from the destruction of a litigious divorce and therefore I have been able to restructure the family and maintain the integrity of the family and preserve the children and their parents relationship to them.
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Often times couples are in need of conflict resolution, this is different from counseling.
Conflict resolution sessions will offer problem-solving, negotiations, very separate from therapeutic process.

Maybe it’s not therapy you need but….
FEELING FRUSTRATED?  One of you needs more sex than the other partner, or one partner may want to relocate, they hate New York!  One partner may desire more children, while the other is happy raising just the one,  OR one partner overspends, fearless around money while their partner is having an anxiety attack.  Can these values between two people who love each other find a middle-ground, absolutely!
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Please contact me should these and other issues becomes barriers to your relational happiness.
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